Currently, buyers or sellers of goods in Hungary have to declare in advance the relevant state authorities the consignments covered by the reporting obligation and register under the corresponding EKAER number. The products falling under EKAER reporting obligation are defined by Decree 51/2014. (XII. 31.). This obligation can not be delegated to a third party (eg a logistics provider).

For all shipments to Hungary, their consignee in Hungary must inform you of the assigned EKAER number or send a statement if the consignment is not subject to registration in the EKAER system (so-called “EKAER free”). And so you have to do if you want to get in from Hungary.

Fines for carriers and controls

Thanks to the EKAER system, carriers can meet more frequent inspections when carrying goods on the roads. They are carried out by a specialized tax and customs department. In the course of the inspections, it is possible to verify the transport documents with the data contained in the EKAER system (physical check of data – recipient, sender’s address, quantity of goods transported, registration mark, acceptance method, landing address, EKAER registration number).

When physically checking goods on a means of transport (except for live animals and perishable goods), a tax seal may be used. Removal, damage to the tax seal, or the opening of a sealed cargo space or area without authorization shall be considered a criminal offense under the Hungarian Penal Code.

Failure to comply with the notification obligation in relation to road transport, incorrect, untrue or incomplete fulfillment of the notification obligation has its legal consequences. Goods not registered in the EKAER system are considered to be goods that are not knowingly proven to originate and the state tax and customs authority can therefore impose a fine of up to 40 percent on the value of unregistered goods.

If a fine is imposed, the goods can be confiscated up to the amount of the penalty imposed. The seizure is made of the record. The confiscated goods can be secured by a tax seal (sealing) and taken away. The State Tax and Customs Authority communicates the decision to impose a fine on the taxpayer, his agents, agents or employees, and this decision is enforceable irrespective of any withdrawal from the moment of the above communication

Comprehensive EKAER report

Because we have long been experiencing that many companies still do not know about these changes or know how to respond to them, we have introduced a new service for our clients. It consists in the complex management of all EKAER issues. This service includes:

  • Solving all necessary administrative and administrative procedures.
  • Communicating with authorities and providing the appropriate institutions with the required and accurate information,
  • Any other necessary cooperation in addressing logistics issues to ensure a smooth shipping process for all of our customers.
  • Consultancy, consulting, client education in the context of EKAER.

Why have EKAER processed by us?

  • You do not have to follow changes in the laws, you will need months to understand everything.
  • You avoid catastrophic legal consequences.
  • No more sanctions resulting from non-compliance.
  • You will not be held responsible for any errors.
  • It’s easier and faster.
  • You can devote yourself to other, far more important things.


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