EKAER – In January 2015, the Hungarian government introduced a new system for the control of movement of goods moving to Hungary or Hungary out, respectively into the EU. This system is designed to ensure the transparency of the movement of goods and thereby minimize potential tax evasion in the field of VAT.

Many new companies have thus made a new reporting obligation. Failure to comply with this obligation is subject to the risk of imposing a fine up to 40% of the value of the unmarked goods. In addition to the financial penalty, the State Tax and Customs Authority may also accede
to seize the transported goods until their identity is established.

The EKAER system has undergone a number of changes since its introduction, but the biggest change has come in 2021. As of 1st January 2021, the EKAER reporting obligation applies only to goods defined by Decree 51/2014. (XII. 31.)previously considered as “risky products”, currently “notifiable products”.

Like every system, EKAER has its own rules.

  1. The notification duty is only linked to road transport on Hungarian public roads.
  2. The EKAER report applies to goods carried in one way, from one sender to one recipient.
  3. In addition, monetary and weight limits are set to determine the origin of the reporting obligation. These limits are currently defined as follows:
  • the total value of the consignment excluding VAT of HUF 1 000 000 and the total weight of the consignment is 500 kg.

For shipments not exceeding these limits, if both conditions are met at the same time, there is no need for EKAER. If the at least one of the set limits (HUF, kg) is exceeded, the reporting entity becomes subject to notification. What matters is that you do not have to just sell or buy goods.

The EKAER system takes into account the 3 directions of movement of the goods, according to which the person who is obliged to report the transport, respectively has the reporting obligation:

  • from EU to Hungary – the person required: the recipient of the imported goods
  • after Hungary – obligatory: sender of goods.
  • from Hungary to the EU – the person required: the consignor of the exported goods

The selected transport direction corresponds to the amount of information needed to successfully request the EKAER number, including the possibility of subsequent adjustments to the already reported data.

In all cases, however, the following information must be specified:

  • seller
  • buyer
  • address of goods loading
  • the unloading address of the goods
  • identification of goods according to their classification in the customs tariff heading
  • identification of goods according to a brief description
  • gross weight
  • monetary value
  • Of the vehicle which transports the consignment

Are not you sure you have a notification obligation? Are you not familiar with the EKAER web interface? Do you have any time or staff reserves on EKAER? Let us represent our company. EKAER has been specialized since its inception.

The procedure is simple – it is sufficient to register on the website of the Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration (nav.gov.hu) and create a user account.

  • Then, if necessary, EKAER numbers, please send the necessary shipping information to our email address.
  • We process your data in the Hungarian tax and customs system.
  • In the case of complete information, an EKAER number is generated immediately.
  • This unique number together with the EKAER report will be sent to the selected entity that organizes the transport. While driving on Hungarian roads, the vehicle driver must know the EKAER number.
  • The generated EKAER number is valid for 15 days. It can therefore be created in advance.
  • After confirmation of delivery to the place of unloading (customer, carrier), the EKAER message is closed and the notification duty is fully satisfied.


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