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  • From 1 January 2015, a new restriction has been introduced in Hungary to prevent tax evasion which concerns a selected group of goods transported internally or between Hungary and other European Union countries. This electronic control system for the road carriage of goods is called EKAER.
  • The EKAER reporting obligation applies to goods defined by Decree 51/2014. (XII. 31.). This obligation is linked only to road transport on Hungarian public roads (mainly for forwarding companies). The EKAER report applies to goods carried one way (from one sender to one recipient).
  • There is considerable administrative burden with EKAER - you must register, communicate with the authorities in Hungary and know the relevant laws and legal obligations, penalties, etc. All the necessary and obligatory activities for EKAER can be managed and administered by us. We provide service that ensures that the EKAER is continuously processed without errors and at a much lower cost in comparison to the client administering it internally.
We help, advise, arrange. We will fill out EKAER reports! All without worries!

Services provided - EKAER report

  • Comprehensive advice for EKAER for sole traders as well as small and large companies
  • Training and tailor-made courses for companies and their employees
  • Assistance in solving administrative procedures
  • Representation and communication for EKAER purposes with relevant authorities


  • We will relieve you of any responsibility for any potential errors
  • We will remove the burden from you of having to keep up to date and ensuring compliance with the latest laws and legislations
  • You will avoid any consequences and penalties imposed for non-compliance and errors
  • You will have time to concentrate on running and growing your own business
  • Overall, it is a lot faster, easier and more efficient solution


  • Proforma invoices, invoices or delivery notes for received or dispatched goods
  • Customs Tariff items (if you do not know, Czech description of goods)
  • Country of goods dispatch
  • Country of goods origin
  • Invoiced price (or price for customs purposes)
  • Net weight of goods
  • Quantity of goods, type of business (transaction) - direct import, processing, return of goods, etc.
  • Delivery conditions (according to INCOTERMS - three-digit code DDU, EXW, DAF ...)
  • The mode of transport when crossing the state border - road, air, railway, etc.
  • Registration number of the vehicle transporting the goods


  • We have been on the market for more than 15 years
  • We have hundreds of satisfied clients
  • We specialize in EKAER
  • Our team consists of 20 experienced EKAER specialists
  • We provide and deliver training regarding ECAER issues

We have been dealing with the issue of EKAER since the introduction of this system in Hungary (since 2015). We pride ourselves at providing our services at a high standard. Our employees are fully qualified and trained on professional seminars and are using the latest modern technology.

These include, for example, modern computer technology and all the necessary software and other industry specific programs, all of which are subject to regular toll-free security updates via a certificate system.

We are fully insured and protected against any potential damages (up CZK 10 million). Our team consists of approximately 20 EKAER specialists.

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We help, advise, administer. We are the market leader in the processing of the EKAER agenda.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the EKAER reporting obligation apply to the transpont of goods from EU to Hungarian natural person?

No. Only the taxpayers have the EKAER reporting obligation. So if the customer in Hungary is the end user of the goods (natural person not registered as VAT taxpayer), the transport is not reported in the EKAER system.

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