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April 30, 2020

I have already posted the article about the assimilation thresholds for Intrastat reporting in EU countries for 2020. Today, I would like to add an overview of deadlines. The deadline for submission of the Intrastat declaration vary from country to country, but in contrast to the threshold values, deadlines do not change interannually. Intrastat declarations for a given reference period must be submitted by particular day of the month following the reporting period. According to the Regulation (EU) No 659/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the reference period shall be the calendar month of dispatch or arrival of the goods or the calendar month during which the chargeable event occurs for the Community goods on which VAT becomes chargeable on intra-Community acquisitions and supplies. Let’s see the overview of Intrastat deadlines in all EU countries for 2020.

Complete overview of Intrastat deadlines in all EU countries for 2020

Member StateCountry CodeDeadline
Austria AT10th worknig day
Belgium BE20th of the month
BulgariaBG14th of the month
CroatiaHR15th of the month
Cyprus CY10th of the month
Czech republic CZ12th working day
Denmark DK10th worknig day
Estonia EE14th of the month
Finland FI10th worknig day
France FR10th worknig day
Germany DE10th worknig day
Greece GRlast working day
Hungary HU15th of the month
Ireland IE23th of the month
ItalyIT25th of the month
Latvia LV10th of the month
Lithuania LT10th worknig day
Luxembourg LU16th working day
Malta MT10th worknig day
Poland PL10th of the month
Portugal PT15th of the month
Romania RO15th of the month
Slovakia SK15th of the month
Slovenia SI15th of the month
Spain ES12th of the month
Sweden SE10th worknig day
The Netherlands NL10th worknig day
United Kingdom GB21st of the month

What is the difference between the deadlines?

The deadline is set by each country for a particular calendar or working day in the month following the reporting period. Regarding working days, the submission deadline is clear. While in countries, where the deadline is a particular calendar day, the determination of the final deadline may differ. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the submission deadline is the next working day in most countries, so traders gain more time to submit Intrastat declarations. But there are a few exceptions. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the due date is the last working day before the deadline. This is used in Croatia, Ireland and Slovenia. In Romania, the rules do not say whether the due date is the next working day or the last working day before the submisson deadline, so the deadline remains unchanged.


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