INTRASTAT serves to process and send statistical data on the movement of goods between EU Member States in intra-EU trade.

Thus, between the Czech Republic and other EU Member States, the goods have to cross the state border of the Czech Republic. The INTRASTAT system is mandatory for all EU Member States, but it is not consistent with the primary data collection (eg in the form of a statement, organizational security, breakdown of types of business transactions, collection of some data and reporting method, reporting thresholds) .

That’s why it is better to leave this activity to specialized companies that have already automated the paperwork process and have special software for this administration. And they can handle it all the way several times faster.

When do I have to prepare reports for INTRASTAT?

The obligation to process and send this data through INTRASTAT is only available to persons registered in the Czech Republic for VAT if they have received goods from another Member State or have dispatched goods to another Member State at a value in excess of the specified reporting threshold for INTRASTAT. This limit was set at CZK 12 million separately for received (imported) goods and in particular 12 million for goods dispatched per year. Any company having its registered office in the Czech Republic is a VAT payer and exceeds the above amounts in business transactions, INTRASTAT reporting is required. The report is monthly, no later than the 10th working day of the following month (when reporting electronically by the 12th of the month). This obligation lasts until the end of the year when the company exceeds this limit and the whole year, regardless of the sum and amount of the invoices.


The entry firm in May finds that the sum of all invoices for imported goods was worth CZK 12,300,000. That is, since May of this year, it is obliged to start reporting an admission. Because it exceeded the threshold of 12 million for goods received.

However, since it did not exceed the goods exit limit (also CZK 12 million), it only reports on receipt. However, it is still obliged to monitor the possible exceeding of the boundary of the goods on dispatch. Therefore, the individual amounts are not added up. the obligation to report data for INTRASTAT system occurs only if you exceed the limit of CZK 12 million on import and 12 million on export.

If you intend export goods in the height of 4 million crowns and 6 million imports into the Czech Republic, this obligation does not concern you. You can relax :-).

What does INTRASTAT include?

  • Monitoring and monitoring of assimilation and specific thresholds, monitoring of the occurrence or termination of the obligation to report data for INTRASTAT system – limits for deliveries to EU countries (CZK 12,000,000) and for acquisitions in EU countries.
  • Register a client to report data for INTRASTAT to the appropriate customs office.
  • Administration of INTRASTAT for clients from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, England and other EU countries – complete document processing for INTRASTAT (preparation and collection of data for reporting INTRASTAT system). Execution of a statement for INTRASTAT and its timely delivery to the customs office in due time. Archiving statements and providing all administration associated with INTRASTAT management (for possible inspections).
  • Zařazování zboží do podpoložek celního sazebníku EU (dle TARICu) pro účely vykazování ve výkazu INTRASTAT.
  • INTRASTAT Report Processing:
    • regular,
    • corrective,
    • negative reports (negative statements),
    • occasional reports.
  • Submitting INTRASTAT statements to the appropriate customs office.
  • Processing reports through specially designed software that allows you to import data from internal client systems (SAP, etc.) and forwarding INTRASTAT reports to the customs office in electronic form.
  • Communication with the customs office on data included in the INTRASTAT statements, providing co-operation to the customs authorities to check the correctness of the data reported in the INTRASTAT statements.
  • Other tasks according to the client’s specific requirements.


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